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Cross-Country Construction Truck Transport with Trailer


A construction crew from Florida had just completed a high-tech construction job in Illinois. Exhausted from their hard work and longing for the comfort of their homes, the crew faced the challenge of truck transport options for their heavy truck and trailer back to headquarters in Florida. The company’s boss decided they deserved to fly home to celebrate and rest while leaving the burden of the vehicle transport to a reliable service. 


The construction crew needed to return home quickly to rest and celebrate.

The company required a safe and efficient transport of their heavy construction pickup truck and trailer back to Florida.

The solution needed to allow the crew to avoid a grueling cross-country drive. 

The drivers had to be experienced, reliable, cost-effective, and professional.

How Personal Drivers Completed the Truck Transport

Personal Drivers stepped in to transport the construction crew’s truck and trailer. The service was provided by professional drivers who met the crew at the job site. Inspected the vehicles, filled out the inspection forms, and got signatures. 

The vehicle transport was completed within the estimated cost and travel time. Safe and efficient cross-country driving of heavy vehicles involves a lot of experience, planning, and managing logistics.  The personal driver’s team accomplished these while the customer’s team relaxed. 

This ensured the readiness for the company’s next project anywhere in the U.S. 


The construction crew could return home swiftly without the stress of a long haul. The personal driver’s team ensured their truck and trailer were transported safely back to Florida, allowing the crew to focus on their well-deserved celebration and rest. The company was impressed with the efficiency and safety of the service, knowing their equipment was in good hands. 

Customer Review:

“After a grueling project, flying home was a relief, but the thought of our truck and trailer returning safely was a concern. Personal Drivers were our solution. They handled our equipment with the utmost professionalism, driving across the country right to our headquarters. We came back refreshed and ready for the next project. Their service was the bridge between our project completion and the celebration that followed. We’re already planning to use them for our next job site!”