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Personal Drivers – Hire a Driver, Long Distance Driver, Pet Transport, RV Driver, Moving Truck Driver, and Car Delivery

America Travels With Personal Drivers

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    Customer Reviews

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    Our Services for enjoyable Road Travel

    Car Delivery

    Starts at $550

    Car Delivery by a personal driver is convenient, predictable, and safe

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    Your Road Trip Driver

    Start at $600

    Hire a Driver for personal, family, and business road trips

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    Pet Transport Service

    Start at $625

    Transport Pet(s) with love and care in the comfort of your family car

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    Moving Truck Driver

    Start at $550

    Hire a moving truck driver for stress-free long-distance move

    Learn more

    RV Driver

    Start at $550

    RV Driver for relaxing RV vacation and RV transport

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    Process to Hire a driver

    Booking a Personal Driver for your long road trips is now easy. It is more dependable than ever. We focus on meeting your road travel or car transport needs. Our goal is convenience. Our priority is safety. Planning a family vacation, a business trip, or just want a relaxing ride? Here are easy steps to book your driver with us.

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    Plan Your Trip and Transportation Needs

    Pets Riding in a Vehicle for Safe Travel

    Plan if there will be passengers, pets, or towing? Select a vehicle, owned or rented.

    Select Service

    Select from our 5 Premium Services and Get a Quote. Review the emailed Quote

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    Call us to review the quote and finalize the details

    Icon Depicting Signing a Contract, Symbolizing Agreement

    Sign the contract! Now sit back and enjoy a fun, stress-free road trip

    By choosing our services, you’re not just hiring a driver. You’re getting a comfortable journey tailored to your needs. Safety is a top priority. Make your next long-distance road trip memorable. Get stress-free vehicle transport. Learn about our Vision, Mission, and Principles.

    Why Customers Love Our Services

    Cross-Country Vehicle and Equipment Transport for a Manufacturing Company

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    Streamlining Convention Preparation with Personal Driver Services

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    Providing Comfortable Transportation for Medical Treatment Across States

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Committed to providing you with a topnotch, most comprehensive, and a wide range of Personal Driver services.

    What makes the travel experience with your drivers different?

    We believe the journey is as important as the destination. That’s where we shine. It’s not just about getting you from A to B. It’s about how you feel when sitting in the back of your car, being driven by a pro who knows the roads like the back of their hand. It’s the peace of mind, knowing your driver treats your car or even your rental with the same care you would.
    Ready to elevate your travel? Request a free quote today and experience the difference yourself!

    How do you ensure the safety and reliability of your drivers?

    Have you ever asked a friend to help you drive your car and spent the whole time worrying about that decision? With our driver, that worry disappears. They are not just any drivers; they’re like the guardians of the road. Stringent background checks, regular driving record monitoring, and constant sharing of long-distance road travel best practices – it’s all about ensuring that when you hand over your keys, it’s to someone with experience and a record of safe driving.
    Are you curious about our safety protocols? Contact us now for a free quote and start your journey with peace of mind!

    Can I book a private driver for special occasions or events?

    Picture this: It’s your anniversary. You’ve got the perfect getaway planned, but the thought of driving through city and highway traffic is a mood killer. That’s where a Personal Driver steps in. They take the wheel of your car, and suddenly, the vacation is all about you and your significant other – no parking hassles, no navigation woes.
    Now, picture a family vacation or business road trip. You can relax and enjoy the ride with everyone instead of exhausting yourself while doing your driving duty.
    Planning a special event? Contact us to learn how we can enhance your experience. Request a free quote today!