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Hire a long-distance Driver to Enjoy Easy, Safe, and Fun Road Trips and Moves!

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    Driver for Hire

    Book a Driver! Have the best road trip ever!

    Starts at $600 per day plus expenses

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    Hire a driver Service
    Hire a Driver for Easy Drive

    Hire a Driver for Easy Drive! We make your travels and moves a breeze.

    Easy Drive: Your Stress-Free Travel Buddy

    Traveling is now easier and cozier than ever! Forget the long, tiring drives. With us, you relax and get to your spot feeling fresh. Our friendly drivers make it special whether it is a one-day ride or a long haul.

    Why Choose Easy Drive?

    Picture a trip without the hassle of driving: no traffic headaches or parking puzzles. Just chill, catch up on work, or dive into your favorite book while we take the wheel. Our skilled drivers focus on your safety and comfort, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

    Custom Trips Just for You

    Your travel, your way. Whether you are looking for a scenic path or a straight city-to-city run, our drivers craft the trip around your wishes. Turn travel time into your time—be it for work or relaxation.

    Your Car, Our Expert Hands

    Love your car’s comfort? Pair it with our driver expertise. We’re good with all types of vehicles, so you can enjoy your car’s coziness without the driving fuss.

    Everywhere You Need to Be

    Our vast network of drivers covers the US. Whether you’re city hopping or exploring quiet trails, we’re there. Our drivers know the best routes, making every journey smooth.

    Trustworthy Drivers at Your Service

    Our drivers tune the trip to your tastes for a fun journey. They’re experts, handpicked for their skills and service spirit. They ensure you’re at ease every step of the way.

    Clear, Tailored Pricing

    Get a straightforward price upfront, customized for your trip’s details. There are no surprises, just fair rates for top-notch service.

    Hire A Long-Distance Driver To Enjoy Easy, Safe, And Fun Road Trips And Moves!

    get a Free Quote Today!


      Simple Trip Planning

      Leave the trip details to us. Whether it’s a short errand or an epic tour, we align everything to your schedule and preferences. We pick the perfect driver for your adventure and tailor the journey to what matters most to you.

      Revamp Your Travel

      Wave goodbye to driving woes. Try a fresh, relaxed way to travel with Easy Drive. Let’s make your next trip memorable whether in your car or a rental. Book with us and transform your travel today!

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      Long Distance Driver Service

      Customer Reviews


      Where do you offer services?

      Our service spans the US, from bustling cities to scenic spots. Think LA, New York, Miami, and beyond—we’ve got it all covered.

      How do you pick your drivers?

      We’re strict with our selection. Only the best drivers who ace our thorough checks and have a knack for safe, long drives join our team..

      Can I book a one-way trip?

      Sure thing! One-way, round-trip, or multiple stops – our service flexes to your travel plans.

      What’s included in the price?

      Everything’s clear from the start – driver’s pay, stay, meals, fuel, tolls, and travel costs to your pickup and drop-off points. We detail it all in your quote.

      How early should I book?

      While we tackle last-minute requests, early booking is best. It gives you a better shot of booking the perfect driver for your trip. Book as soon as you can.

      Can I get a driver for a van rental?

      Absolutely! You can rent a van, and we’ll pair it with an expert driver. This is perfect for moves or group journeys.