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RV Driver FAQ

What services do your RV drivers offer?

Our RV drivers offer a wide range of services tailored to your needs. Whether you require transportation only or a driver to drive the RV during the entire trip, we can accommodate your preferences. Our services are designed to make your RV journey safe and stress-free.
Ready to get a quote for your RV trip? Click here to request a personalized quote.

How experienced are your RV drivers?

Our RV drivers are highly experienced and have been driving RVs for many years. They are well-versed in handling various types of RVs, ensuring a safe and comfortable trip for our customers. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.
Interested in our experienced RV drivers? Request a quote now to plan your trip with confidence.

What is the cost of hiring an RV driver?

The cost of hiring an RV driver may vary depending on your specific needs. We offer a competitive pricing structure based on daily rates. To get a detailed quote and understand what’s included in the price, please get a quote for a personalized estimate. Get a quote now to plan your budget for your RV adventure.

Are there additional fees or charges when booking an RV Driver?

We are committed to transparency in our pricing. All expenses, in addition to base service fees, such as fuel, travel, food, accommodations, or tolls, will be clearly communicated to you in the quote. We aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved. Want to know more about potential additional charges? Request a quote, and we’ll provide you with a detailed cost breakdown.

Can the driver handle my specific RV model?

Our drivers are experienced in handling various RV models, including unique and large vehicles. You can trust that our experienced drivers can accommodate your specific RV model and provide a smooth and safe journey. Ready to book a driver who can handle your RV model? Request a quote to get started.

Do I need to provide insurance for the driver?

Our driver must be added to your RV insurance as a temporary driver. We will provide you with the driver’s information after signing the contract. If you will be renting the RV, then the driver will need to be added to the renter’s contract. We will provide you with other details during the trip-planning process.

Can the driver assist with RV setup and breakdown?

The driver will be focused on planning the trip and driving the RV. Our drivers do not assist with loading, unloading, or any setup or breakdown. We can discuss it more during the trip-planning process.

What is the cancellation policy?

Plans change, we get that. Our change and cancelation policy is easy to understand. Changes to the contract incur a change fee plus any expenses such as rebooking driver travel and accommodations. Cancelation incurs a cancelation fee, and the balance on the account can be used to book the next trip within one year of the contract date. Last-minute changes or cancelations may incur additional costs like travel expenses to bring the driver back home.
Do not worry; we explain all this in our quote, over the phone, and in our contract. You can start by requesting a quote for RV Driver service.

Is there a minimum booking duration or distance?

We have minimum booking requirements, which may include a minimum one-day booking plus expenses. These requirements may vary depending on the nature of your trip. Please check our website or contact us for specific details. Ready to book your road trip adventure? Request a quote to find out about our minimum booking requirements.

Do I need to provide food and accommodations for the driver?

You are not required to provide food and accommodations for our drivers during the trip. Our drivers book their accommodation and arrange for their food so that your focus remains on enjoying your road trip to the fullest. Request a quote to book a self-sufficient RV driver.

What happens in case of an emergency or breakdown?

Our drivers are experienced to handle such situations efficiently in the rare event of an emergency or RV mechanical issues. We have established response plans to ensure your safety and minimize disruptions to your journey.

Can I request a specific route or itinerary?

You can certainly request a specific route or itinerary for your road trip. Our drivers are flexible and can accommodate your preferences, allowing you to tailor your journey to your desired destinations and experiences. Ready to plan your dream road trip? Request a quote to discuss your customized route and itinerary.