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Hire a Long Distance Driver: Easy Road Travel and car delivery

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    Long-Distance Travel and Transport

    Simplify Long-Distance Driving

    Starts at $600  per day plus expenses

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    Skilled Long Distance Driver for Your Extended Road Trips

    Drive Easily with Long Distance Services

    Need to move far away? Want your car delivered? Tired of driving long hours? Let a driver take over. Relax while your car is safely driven. Our Long Distance Driver service is smooth and simple. We have skilled drivers for all your travel needs.

    Why Pick a Long Distance Driver?

    Travel Far with a Personal Touch
    We meet many travel needs. If you’re a senior, student, family on a trip, or a business moving its fleet, we’re here for you. Our drivers handle cars, vans, RVs, and trucks, making every trip smooth and safe.

    Feel the Difference with Personal Drivers

    At Personal Drivers, we treat your car like our own. Our drivers are vetted and professional. From when you give us your keys until your car arrives, we aim for a stress-free journey.

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    What are Long Distance Drivers?

    They’re skilled pros who drive vehicles far. They’re great at managing different roads and conditions. They plan routes well for a smooth, safe trip.

    Why Trust a Pro Driver?

    Choosing someone to drive your car is big. Our drivers are skilled, with clean records and great service. They’re carefully checked and always improving.

    Choosing Us Means Peace of Mind

    Why Hire a Long Distance Driver?

    Safety is Key

    Safety is our top priority. Our drivers are skilled in many situations, ensuring your car arrives safely.

    The Ease of Not Driving

    Long trips are tiring, especially if you’re not used to them. Our service lets you avoid the fatigue and risks of long driving.

    Customized For You

    Every trip is different. We tailor our service to your needs and preferences, offering a personalized touch.

    Snowbird Car Transport
    Long-Distance Moves
    College Car Transport
    Business Fleet Moves
    Pet Transport
    RV Driver

    Graphic showing different long-distance driver services like RV and pet transport.
    Hire a Driver for Long Distance Road Travel 2

    How to Hire a Long-Distance Driver?

    Easy Steps to Get a Driver

    Get a Quote: Click for a quote. Tell us about your trip and car. You’ll get a detailed quote quickly.

    Find Your Driver: We’ll find a driver suited for your trip.

    Plan Together: We’ll help plan your trip, setting dates and details.

    Travel Time: Your driver will pick up your car and keep you updated.

    Arrive on Time: Your car will reach its destination as planned.

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    Why Choose Personal Drivers?

    More than just driving, we offer a full, worry-free service.

    Skilled and Professional: Our drivers are dedicated and provide great service.
    Safe Driving: Our drivers are safe and efficient for your peace of mind.
    Focused on You: We aim for your full satisfaction.
    All-inclusive: We cover various travel needs from cars to RVs and pet transport.

    Get Your Free Quote Now

    Don’t let driving stress you out. Click for a free quote and start a relaxed, safe journey. We’re here to help with all your long-distance driving needs. Let us drive while you relax.

    Have questions? Scroll for FAQs
    Go to Long Distance Driver FAQ Page for more
    Go to our FAQ Group Page to find answers about our services.

    Customer Reviews


    What Does It Cost for Long-Distance Driving?

    The cost of our long-distance driving varies. It changes based on how far you’re going, the type of vehicle, the type of service, and any other needs. For example, prices go up if you’re moving pets or need a big truck. We’ll give you a personalized price that fits your situation. Our prices are clear and straightforward. Plus, you can get a price estimate for free.

    Need a Driver for a Big Move?

    Yes, you can hire a driver for a big, cross-country move. Our drivers are skilled in long trips and can take your vehicle anywhere in the US. Whether you’re relocating for work, family, or something else, we’ve got you covered. We can also haul your car or trailer with the moving truck. Our goal is to make your move easy and worry-free, ensuring your vehicle and items get to your new place safely and on time.

    How Do We Keep Your Vehicle Safe?

    Your vehicle’s safety is our main concern. Before the trip, our drivers check everything to make sure it’s all good. They follow all the road rules and safety measures while driving. The driver will keep in touch with you, giving updates on where they are and how the trip is going.