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Seamless Move to Florida for a Retired Couple with Personal Drivers


John and Lisa, a retired couple from the northeast, were eager to move to Florida to begin their new chapter in the sunny state. After all the Relocation planning they had to do for months, the thought of driving themselves across the country was less than appealing. They wished to use the travel time to plan their new home and enjoy their favorite music rather than stress over maps and traffic. That’s where Personal Drivers came into play. 


The couple wanted to avoid the exhaustion of a long drive. They needed to focus on planning their life in Florida rather than the logistics of the move. They wanted to enjoy their journey and arrive rested. 

How Personal Drivers Helped Them Move to Florida

Personal Drivers provided John and Lisa with a professional driver who took the wheel of their own vehicle. This allowed them to: 

Devote time to planning their new home. 

Relax and indulge in their love for Elvis and country music. 

Travel in the comfort of their own vehicle without the strain of driving. 

Arrive in Florida feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the sun. 

Results of Hiring a Personal Driver:

John and Lisa’s transition to Florida was nothing short of delightful. With Personal Drivers’ Comprehensive Driving Services, they turned what could have been a tiring and stressful move into a pleasant and relaxing experience. They stepped out of their car, ready to enjoy their retirement, with energy to spare for decorating their new home and exploring their new community.  

Customer Review:

“Choosing Personal Drivers for our move to Florida was the best decision we made for our retirement transition. Not only did we sidestep the hassles of a long drive, but we were also able to treasure the journey. We arrived in Florida as if we floated down on a cloud. Thank you, Personal Drivers, for making our move as sunny as our new home!”